In the Garage

As we get our wheels spinning on this new blog we will debut some regular segments as well as chatting about specific topics as they come up.
We will post updates about which new vehicles we are currently driving for evaluation and review.

Some may not appear on our printed pages for a while due to space constraints (i.e. see this week’s AutoworldToday where my vehicle review editorial space was replaced with “advertorial” copy).

This week we exchanged the Suzuki SX4 sedan for a 40th anniversary Mazda RX-8, which will get some freshening on the next model year cycle.
So far the car is a blast to drive. although the powertrain does sound a bit like a supercharged sewing machine. Surprising how responsive that little (1.3-liters) rotary engine is. Redline is 8,500 rpm. Second highest to the Honda S2000 engine I think.
Another surprise – fuel economy. I would have thought 1.3-liters would do better, but I guess I need to back off the throttle a bit, huh.
See ya down the road…


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