Busy Start to February



What a busy start to February it has been. Here in the 972 we have had to deal with ice and then snow, which all came sliding down onto unsuspecting workers prepping for a big game – the game where Aaron Rodgers won one of the first convertible new Camaros. It was also a week where the new Verizon iPhone sold out in record time and it saw the world’s longest Super Bowl commercial featuring a Detroit rap star driving the Chrysler Sebring replacement.

The rest of the month does not look any quieter. NASCAR will soon be taking the green flag and baseball is packing up for spring training.

Around here, more of the same. New cars to test, new product showing up in the mail for review and, yes, the little fat guy that shoots the arrows of love will be making an appearance in less than a week’s time (along with more wintery precip).

The kitchen remodel still is not finished and the greenhouse needs a few repairs thanks to Old Man Winter. Bills from Christmas still need paying if I want to do anything fun for summer I had better get started planning now. Tish will be turning a half-century this year and the first grandbaby will arrive near the end of July, along with all my siblings including a new older sister I have never met and only recently learned of.

And let us not forget April 15 (17th this year) will be here sooner than we all think.





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