iKlip Grip Takes Life Beyond the Selfie Stick

iKlip Grip/Images courtesy IK Multimedia and by David Goodspeed
iKlip Grip/Images courtesy IK Multimedia and by David Goodspeed

There is life beyond the selfie-stick and IK Multimedia is out to prove it with its new iKlip Grip. From the company that is already a leader in the mobile music production world comes a multifunctional smart device video stand with Bluetooth shutter control that works as a desktop tripod, grip handle, monopod or tripod adaptor.

The iKlip Grip just launched this week and is perfect for the mobile journalist, street shooter, producer, musician or social media user. The flexibility of this system is its genious and it can be used with other IK Multimedia products such as one of the iRig Mic products for quick and easy field production work.


The kit consists of a base handle (with expandable feet), adjustable device clamp, pivoting ball-joint attachment, telescopic extension arm and remote Bluetooth shutter control that features one button for iOS and one for Android operating systems. These items can be used independently or together.


Straight out of the box the iKlip Grip is easy to use and ready to go, all you have to decide is how you want to the system to integrate into your mobile production. I used the iKlip Grip with my two interns (AKA grandkids) on a Nerf summer product shoot. With the base handle as a tripod and the extension arm attached the clamp put my iPhone 6 at the perfect height for them to shoot along with me as we worked (played). The littlest one really enjoyed the Bluetooth remote shutter and he ended up firing off nearly a thousand spare images during the shoot. He loves him some buttons and new technology.


The system can accommodate small digital cameras in addition to smart devices and phones. The expandable clamp holds the device firmly in place or you can remove it and use the ball-joint screw with standard ¼-inch thread to attach anything with a threaded female mount in it. The device clamp can be detached from the system and attached via thread mount to any standard photo or video tripod should you desire. It can even be attached to a clamp mount such as the Bogen super clamp for remote operation – the possibilities are nearly endless.

I tested the distance of the Bluetooth remote operation and I was able to trigger the shutter from over 50 feet away, quite an amazing feat in my opinion. A previous experience with remote Bluetooth shutter for an iPhone resulted in operation of only 25 feet distance between device and shutter button.


The iKlip Grip from IK Multimedia is shipping now and is available from music and electronics retailers worldwide or from the IK online store at www.iklipgrip.com. It retails for $59.99.

What is it: iKlip Grip from IK Multimedia (Review sample provided by manufacturer)

What I like: Flexibility of system and ease of use straight out of the box; range of Bluetooth shutter excellent.

What can be improved: The system is easily knocked over when fully extended vertically and top heavy with a smart device.

Where to buy: www.iklipgrip.com



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